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vandal damage


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gutted for you, there are some proper wankers around


not sure how useful it would be inside, if it got keyed, you wouldn't 'see' the damage being done, just the person that 'looks like' they did it.


could you get a camera to 'watch' your car from the house?

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ah man that sucks, hate wankers like that!


I'd get a camera on the front of your house "overwatching" the car(s)


You can bet it wont happen again.


Pretty solid defense against burglars too

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:(  :angry:  Hope it wasn't to bad mate feel for you I know what I would do if i catched the !Removed! 

I agree best way to do it is have a camera looking at the car to catch them, either for your own use ;) or for prosecution  

I caught a lad that was kicking my wing mirrors off my van where I was working turned out it was next door's lad he was 12 at the time. made the little tw@ts lips turn blue and his Step Dad just stood there didn't say anything to me :) 

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wotcha and welcome - not the best intro thread but echo the rest maplins catalogue and some over looking cameras - the in car ones wont capture what you need.

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