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2006 Impreza STi Spec D, shock absorber replacement


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Hi Guys


A simple question:


I just bought an Impreza Spec D PPP, early 2006. I has the standard shocks and springs of an STi .... but..... all four shocks have seized, solid! It's a long story, don't ask why!


I need to replace them but Subaru parts are.... errrr... expensive. Even pattern-parts bring the cost to over £1,860. I was therefore wondering about non-standard parts (i.e., 'upgrades') but.... I don't want to change to stiffer (than original) shocks or springs. Is there any 'boy racer' kit that would allow me the original spring and shock absorber rates but would also be cheaper than Subaru stuff? If so, what and where do I find it?



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original front shock and springs here - open to offers




Bilstein or Koni dampers are good with original springs - give great damping


contact this chap see if he does rears as well




not sure if these will take a standard spring... if so you could potentially resell the H&R spring



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