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Top Gear test track in cusco impreza

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Shouldn't be to hard to beat I just placed them as an Idea. And I don't want to try dominate this with Forza stuff thats why I was just thinking about doing lap times on the tracks with Cusco and 22b with the TG and with the league a bit going on when it starts :D 

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Right the Cusco is to be used on all the tracks that we race in the league has to be standard i.e as you buy  it. And same rules apply as the TG test track with the 22b . But I'm not making a table/leaderboard for it I will just add the times done here


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You still have a target to beat on every track like I did a quick lap on Hock you had a time to beat and have done that. So now your times there to be beat it works the same just don't have a leaderboard of anyone elses times. :)

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