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newbie after info


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hi all..im looking to buy a scooby always wanted one looking to spend no more than £4000.

What im looking too find out is what too look for what to stay away from and any help advice i can get really.

Hoping to be a bonified Scooby owner soon

All hep grealty recieved.

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Should get a pretty nice one for that money might be able to get up to a nice Blobeye for that sort of money. Little help check guide HERE Nice bit of bed time reading but fills in some blanks :) 

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Thanks for my first reply..

Really want a unmolested sti if cash allows.

Just worried about thrashed unreliableness?

I know nothing about Scoobies apart from i have wanted one for over 10yrs so very excited/nervous as my little runner i currently drive is faultless and ive spent alot of cash in making her reliable and slight mods and drives faultless but need a Scoobie want blue or white sti with full service history.i do tend to go on abit sorry very excited like a kid.lol and im old

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Thats fine mate all been there, I still get excited now mainly for mods for the car now  :D

STI maybe a classic to Bugeye should see you get a nice one. If you have a look down the forum down near the bottom we have a few for sale worth a look at. I'm sure when some of us are looking around if we see any might point some out to you too. But feel free to get excited and ask away with any questions :D

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I would be happy to buy one with an engine rebuild as long as it comes with a receipt with the work undertaken. I've had an engine done on my Bug eye after about 48k on the clock and a few track days I sent it away to have done wasn't needed but wanted a fresh engine. And find a lot of people won't keep the service uptodate with oil changes or don't let the car warm up before booting it soon helps kill the boxer engines, that will result in an engine rebuild so not uncommon. But I would want to know it was done right. we had a member who lives not far from me got a classic shape looked amazing on the picture fresh rebuilt engine looked great. Only problem was the guy bought the car as a project that built the engine and he soon ended up with Bigend failure about 3 or 4 weeks later :(

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Nothing to be concerned about if it's been looked after. Have many members here with 100K+ engines. But if it's been thrashed from cold not had regular oil changes or left to empty it's oil will have problem I'd almost put money on it. 

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Real sorry for all the questions Gambit but want to be clued up.

Is there any truth in the boxer engine having oil problems due to hard cornering and oil being pushed through g force to one side of the engine?

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Thats no problem mate I understand people's concerns when buying a car and more so with an Impreza. Not something you can just rush out to buy. And that question is only the 2nd time I have been asked that ever :D

I would say you would have to be on the world's biggest High G corner there should be enough oil in the car to cover so I would say it's a false claim unless there wasn't enough in the car. I've been on a few track days as many others have on here and never had a problem. But if worried about it you can get parts that help the oil. 

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Typical symptoms of a blown headgasket MAY include: -Bubbles of air coming up into your radiator (remove cap before starting) AND WHEN ENGINE COLD NEVER OPEN RAD CAP WHEN ENGINE HOT AS YOU WILL GET SCALDED run the engine they should be no air bubbles showing in the filler tank -leaking radiator -milkshake colored oil -overheating -rough running -coolant in oil- or oil in coolant -spark plug(s) that have a green tint (if green coolant). -white colored or sweet smelling exhaust. I emphasize "may" include one or more of these symptoms.

A blown head gasget can go out in different areas causing differnt symptoms. There's no straight simple answer to this question. There's lots of clues you can look for. When in doubt and you have tried everthing, pull the head have the head checked out by a well established specialist first to see if the head was the proplem. This way you're not wasting your time replacing the gasket.

Sometimes a blown head gasket will cause a whistling or wheezing sound,but not always.It will not always cause coolant to enter the oil,or oil to enter the coolant,but they are signs to look for.Overheating will almost always occur,Check your overflow bottle for exhaust smells. Does the car idle rougher than normal?

Another clue: turn on the heater; often when the head gasket is blown an odour of coolant and synthetic rubber will emanate from the heater vents.

Many of the symptoms of blown head gasket can be caused by some other problem in the cooling system, without the head gasket being damaged. Convesely, other problems with the cooling system can cause a blown head gasket and/or warped head.

For example, a corroding radiator filler tank can send chunks of rust through the cooling system which take out the thermostat and water pump. If the thermostat is old, sticking and corroding, it can send those chunks through the system and take out the water pump or cause a blockage in the radiator, etc.

Radiator leaks can be the primary cause, or a result, of failures in other cooling system components.

Don't keep driving with the car overheated! Especially if your engine has an aluminum head, you are likely to warp it. If it is warped beyond a certain tolerance, it cannot be planed and will have to be replaced when the head gasket is replaced.

There are a few simple indicators you can check for with the engine cold and not running.

1. contaminated oil, it will have a milky appearance from the coolant mixing in the oil. 2. oil on the top of the coolant inside the radiator.

Having these symptoms is not always indicitaive of a blown head gasket and usually if the gastket is gone there is going to be some warping of the head and or block of the engine.

There are a few other things that can give similar symptoms to the ones listed above 1. internal damage to coolant/oil galleries 2. damage to oil/coolant intercoolers if fitted 3. weakened hoses on the cooling system can cause pulsations in the coolant 4. leaking valve seals may drop oil into the chambers 5. poorly bleed cooling systems or systems where there are high loops in the coolant jacket may have some bubbling.

Visual inspection of the head and gasket, involving major engine disassembly.

NOTES: You can only truly confirm your suspicion by actually seeing the gasket, although precursor signs are usually evident.

1) Check your oil. If the oil on the dipstick looks like chocolate milk, then there's coolant in it, and this is the surest sign of a blown head gasket or a cracked engine block.

2) Check your radiator coolant. If it looks brownish and foamy, that usually means there's oil in your cooling system, which is another sign that a severe breakdown has occurred.

3) Visually inspect the engine for leakages of an oil/coolant mix.

4) Loss of engine coolant with no external leaks, a continuous stream of bubbles can be seen with the radiator cap off,
white smoke coming from your exhaust when engine fully warmed up, and the sweet smell of coolant from exhaust.

All spells signs of a head gasket blown or very close to it and SHOULD get it seen to ASAP as you will further damage your engine........... a Mechanic can find a HEAD GASKET FAILURE by a ''Sniff Test'' commonly known this is like a big eye dropper with a chemical liquid in it and it changes when mixes with coolant and that will tell you if an Internal Leak is occurring and Hydrocarbons found in mix next is a ''Compression Test'' that will tell you to


And I would say a TD04 turbo should be able to do 280bhp along with change the panel filter to a good quality one like K&N maybe, a decat exhaust and fuel pump and a ECU Map. As for the cost depends how you source the parts :)  

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Apparently fsh and cambelt reciepts baily dump valve cobra cat back exhaust.107,000miles 3 owners.

12months mot 3month warrenty £3200.

Silver yuck black wheels and no sti seats but hope its nice.or blackpool 4owners 115,000 mes. Very slight bubbling on underside of rear arch 12months mot 4months tax fsh fresh oil filter change thrown in.wrx with sti interior lights spoiler.blue with gold wheels no warrenty new front discs and pads.

So hope ones mine

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Well wish you the best of luck hopefully one will be a good buy :)

Well was onway to bank to withdraw funds and something told me to ring garage upon which they told me theyd sold the scoob so back to drawing board....thinking im just going to bide my time for a sti
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