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2001 outback automatic gearbox faults


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hi, all any ideas on this one. I have a 2001 legacy outback 2.5 auto.

fault I have is the gearbox is slow to engage in drive or gears 1,2,3 but goes straight in to reverse. Once in drive after revving engine a bit it drives spot on, changes up and down ok, kick downs as should and no slipping.

I have checked the oil level, ok. oil is clean pick, red in colour and not smelling burnt. I have checked with a scan tool and there is no fault codes stored, live data on the box checked out ok and line pressures are as should be, stall test is spot on, torque converter lock up ok, from all the tests I've done tells me everything is ok in side the gearbox.  I'm thinking this fault is to do with selector adjustment.

just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this.

Thanks Paul.

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Well, you have done all the thing's I would say to check. Sounds like might be a rebuild to me if the pressures dropping on it. Sorry not sure how you can test that. But that's what I think it is dropping pressure damaged seals or clutch packs :(

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