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Lights Out


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Are you afraid of the dark? You will be after seeing this terrifyingly tense horror film - and it's only two minutes long.

Lights Out has sent the internet into a frenzy, and after seeing David F Sandberg's thriller it's not hard to see why.


Originally released last year, the piece has resurfaced leaving a whole new audience terrified at the brilliant story.

The film stars actress Lotta Losten alone in her flat - or so she thinks.

It's soon revealed not all is at it seems, with the shadows and creaking floorboards building up to a horrifying but brilliant climax.



Sort of reminds me of this one 


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Yeah I thought both was really well done. I do like seeing the amature film stuff like this. And lets face it we have all done the walk home drunk at sill O'clock in the morning and had some weirdo behind us. Normally for women it's me  :ph34r:

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