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2010 wrx-s exhaust

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hey new here guys. missed stands in japfest :/ .

right I have a wrx-s belive its got prodrive exhaust system. it being the hatchback. it doesnt.have that distinct subaru roar noise. I been looking at getting it louder but not full decat.

got quote on milltek for £800 and advised a remap for £550 for licensing etc. if anyone here can help me find a reasonable exhaust system that will pass mots etc but will have the rumble of a subaru. thanks robb

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Wotcha and welcome - the Prodrive exhaust option wont be a system just the backbox -  they tend to have prodrive stamped on each of the tailpipes so quite easy to establish if it is or not


you'll have to define reasonable as there are a few options of varying price also if you do have a Prodrive back box that is less restrictive than standard so changing to a different aftermarket supplier for just that will not necessarily give you any gains.


A remap may improve things in conjunction with a full system but you may need to look at an uprated fuel pump also (cant remember if the wrx s has it as part of the upgrade)


also check the panel filter as budgeting £40 for a high flow replacement may be money well spent

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hi thanks for reply. it seems my downpipe has been changed due to the wrx(s) model then single tip prodrive backbox. its really quiet car. got a kn drop in to go in soon. no real problems with them.

I want the subaru rumble. been looking at cobb/perrin/invidia etc but its all american not uk. as forgains im currently 255bhp with cat back and remap shud see 290bhp. these turbos arnt that strong. so also on look out for a sti turbo 08-13

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