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iPod/iPhone connector or dab radio

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Hi all,

Loving the car so far but would like to be able to play music through the iphone on it. I rang the local dealer in Doncaster and it would appear I can get a 3.5mm jack plug kit which fits in the cubby box but at £90 seems a bit steep and you can't control the iPod from it.

Has anyone done anything else to get their's into the standard radio?

I was also thinking of the pure dab radio box as my wife has one on her car and that has a 3.5mm jack and a USB lead on it. Admittedly it sits on the dash so looks a bit messy but you do get some other stations on it.

I don't want to replace the Stereo though as it isn't bad and has all the climate controls etc on it.

Any good ideas or eBay recommendations greatly appreciated.



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i personally am a fan of DAB & changed the Stereo in my Forester for a DAB head unit. So i would favour the DAB option.

if you have a 3.5mm jack you can get a double adaptor so you could have both?


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the 3.5mm adapter results in a socket in the cubby hole - its the same in the Impreza hatch, if you only want that then it would be no issue to  get the leads and put it in yourself drilling a hole in the box to mount the socket resulting in a lot lower cost. if you want the ipod control I would go the whole hog and replace the head unit with a DAB with a functional Ipod controller - Kenwood and Pioneer both do nice units

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