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Fits All PSI3 VFD Data Monitor

Scooby Pete

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I am posting this as I had to back out of Purchasing it and feel bad.


This is a great bit of Kit and a bargin at £250.


PSI3 data monitor, It is the VFD display version but not the graphical one.


£250 posted to a UK address.


Very useful as it can save your engine/wallet from e.g. a bad batch of petrol.
It comes complete with the cable needed to connect it and the instruction manual.











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It connects to the OBD port under the dash
It reads various engine parameters from the ECU e.g. Intake Air Temperature (never push the car after standing in traffic when IAT get high), Knock Correction (one of the most useful parameters IMHO; +ve when the engine adds ignition, -ve when it detects knock and removes ignition, useful in order to know the petrol you are using is up to the job), Coolant Temperature, Ignition Advance, Front lambda (good to know when it fails to save your engine!), Throttle Position, Engine Speed (rpm), Road speed (mph or kmh), Air Flow, Boost Pressure and with additional sensors it can also monitor Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature.


It will fit either above/below a singe DIN Stereo or on the top dash like I have mine.


These are getting rare now,

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Full list of parameters displayed


Boost pressure (BAR or PSI)
Intake air temperature (degrees C)
Coolant temperature (degrees C)
Engine speed (RPM)
Battery volts
Throttle position %
Road speed (mph or km/h)
Ingnition advance (degrees BTDC)
Air flow meter (g/s)
Lambda sensor (Lambda ratio or AFR)
Knock correction (degrees ingnition offset)
Injector duration (milliseconds)
Exhaust gas temperature (additional sensor needed)
Time of day clock
Oil temperature (additional sensor needed)
Oil pressure (additional sensor needed)



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Do you have a photo of where it can sit please? I have a double ion stereo so can't go there.

It's fpan's on Surrey Scoobies, I just spreading the word.

It fits cleanly in a single DIN hole (with side screws) or in a top pod, the size is the same as a single DIN Stereo.




I forgot to say that you can read fault codes and reset the ECU as well.

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