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Coolant types and coolant additives for a classic turbo

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Hi all,


It's a topic which is done to death everywhere and with conflicting advice, but being honest I trust people on this board the most so your thoughts would be greatly received!


So in anticipation of a boiling hot Summer (ha) I was going to do a coolant change on my MY00 Impreza UK turbo.


The coolant doesn't look bad in all honesty but I don't trust the previous keeper and coolant is relatively inexpensive to buy.


I've seen people suggest using IAT types (the typically blue/green/yellow bog stock stuff you change every two to three years) and OAT (the typically orange/pink extended life stuff, don't worry I know they're just dyes).


I assumed there's no issue using IAT but for the laziness factor and in anticipation of keeping the car a lot longer I thought I'd go for maybe OAT but I've heard OAT can cause issues with certain engines, knackering soldered joints, prematurely aging some types of rubber seals etc.


Any thoughts on that? I was going to use Comma XStream as it's purportedly good quality stuff and comes ready mixed 50:50.


Or would you all stick with the IAT stuff? obviously a good flush is needed as mixing the two isn't recommended.


So far as I know there's no performance advantage with long life coolant, it's just the extended service period which is a bonus.


Seeing as I intended on using the car for the odd track day this year I also wondered about the use of something like 'Water Wetter', is this something people would steer clear of? 


Cheers all!


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