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Breaking 1994 WRX wagon / estate


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After running it for just under a year as a drag car to see if I liked it or not ive decided its not for me and im going back to rwd track action :)

Not looking for much for anything - id rather break it and keep other owners cars on the road rather than just scrap it !

Based in Somerset but am willing to post too

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Engine - £50


TD05 turbo - £50


Or engine and turbo for £75

Front wings, bonnet and doors all £10 each

Front side, indicators, side repeaters, headlamps and rear lamps £5 each


Front grill £5


Autogauge mechanical boost gauge - £10


Standard ECU - £10


AFM - £10


Fog lamp covers - £10 the pair


Radiator with fans - £10


Front seats - £15

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Ill get some tomorrow if I can


If you want it you can have it for £10 but will be collection only


Hhahaha sure, where are you? :P 


I have "Purchased" one from ebay... but the seller doesnt answer my messages... and I already purchase it... im quite angry about it... you know if I can "cancel" the purchase even after I already pay it? :(

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