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Forester 2.5 XT advice on planning to change the Gearbox and Diff oil.

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Looking to change the oils in the Gearbox and Diffs on my Forester XT in the near future when I do the engine oil and filter.




Are there any good How To Guides available for changing the Gearbox and diff oils?.




Would I be better buying more expensive oil such as the Motul Gear 300 which will cost @ £70 for 5 Litres or should I be saving £30 by spending @ £39 on 5 Litres of the Triple QX 75 W 90  oil which is also rated to GL-5?.





Is the more expensive Motul Gear 300 really that much better for the extra £30?.




Are there any other recommended Gear oils that SOC members prefer?.




Are there any recommended additives that may make for smoother gear changing?.




Does the Forester 2.5XT have a Limited Slip Rear Diff and if so do I need LSD Oil?.




Thank You 




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Try tim at opie for advice on your oils will give you unbiased help on whats best to use,

As for how to I'm not sure if theres a guide but if you fancy taking a load of pics and doing a write up would be great.

Diff change on the rear will be easy just use crack both nuts at the rear of the diff then undo the lower drain nut drain out suck out he last of he oil with a suction gun then do up bottom nut refill till it comes out the top hole, the replace the top one.

As for the grearbox/front diff do you have the dipstick located beside the turbo ?

Ive been told that you have to fill it up through that hole. (Good luck) mine shares the same oil

There should be a drain hole on underside of he 'box

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