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Exhaust pipe gasket


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I broke the foresters exhaust a while back and took it out last week to weld it up, but when it was off i forgot to hold onto the gasket that goes between the middle of the exhaust and the catalytic converter, this looks like it is the same part:



is there any difference in the gaskets used for the other parts of the exhaust, they all look fairly similar.



Also i was wondering is it possible to decat these foresters, can it be done?

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Its running a bit lean at the moment and without any way to get a scanner to read i can't tell if its an 02 sensor problem, its only used across fields so i wouldn't want to spend a big pile on it, (can the forester pass emissions tests if it had no cat?) 


The damage is still there, i took the wing off and pushed the dent out, and treated the exposed metal to some zinc paint to stop the rust, tbh ill leave off doing any serious repairs until i get a mig welder ideally the rust above the windscreen and rear sills needs cut out and new metal welded in.


i still use it mainly to store tools in the boot, and because i do most of the tinkering at cars when i get home from work i thought it would be useful to add some lights:



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Thanks for that link i think i used this last year for the knock sensor, it actually seems like a good setup having a diagnostics setup like this.


The MOTs here in NI are much stricter than they are in england, all the stations are run by the DVLNI so there is no case of a friendly mot tester letting you away on anything, its good for anyone buying a car second hand, but its a nuisance when trying to put the car through, my 406 failed last year on the alignment of the headlight being out.



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Best you keep your cat then. Nothing wrong with stringent fair MOTs really as in some instances it the only time a car gets looked over by a professional annually. Do like a bit of common sense though rather than failure for sake of it.

Onboard test function like on your SF & the early Nissans was very useful, should of been made a requirement that CEL could be used for full code & basic setting adjustments making it easier for people fix minor faults rather than run around for months avoiding hassle & expense.

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A bit off topic but i bought myself another car, a 1985 Peugeot 305 Estate:



It has bits of rust here and there, (nothing structural though it still passed its MOT before i bought it), so i will definatley be getting a mig welder to sort it out, so the forester can also get its rusty bodywork addressed at the same time.

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