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Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 (sonic blue)


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Right guys, heres the dealio! The only reason I am selling this car is because im going to Austalia in october time. I am gutted its going, but time for a new experience and the scoob cant come with! :/ 


Ok well, im just testing the water at the minute and want to put the car up for sale with plenty of time before I go. I bought the car in December time of last year, it was a part-ex at a jaguar dealership!! 


The car has 172k miles on it BUT the engine was replaced by the previous owner. I dont actually have much info on the current engine at all tho. This sucks I know. Regardless....it pulls like a train! I did a few month have an issue with the MAF, that is resolved now. 


It has lots of paper work and you can see its been looked after throughout its life. The car was originally silver but has been resprayed in Sonic blue (it looks so awesome, real vag magnet). The interior is in great condition, it really does not look like its got 172k miles on it. 


The issues:

Power steering goes heavy on occasions

Immobiliser has been disconnected

Front bumper paint has began to flake in some areas.


Car has TAX till end of June and MOT till December.


Again im just testing the water here, I am open to deposits due to me putting it up for sale so early. The car can come with a FMIC kit at an extra cost.


Im looking for £2000. Im in no rush to sell, so im willing to wait to get the price im after. Feel free to contact me about anything. Im posting it here before ebay because i cannot stand selling cars on ebay due to the amount of C**ts that waste your time!  


On a side note, I also have a Vauxhall Nova 1400 for sale! comes with LOADS of bits, flocked dash, bigger valved head, magnex exhaust system, 4 branch manifold, deep dish steering wheel, GSI side skirts, SR spoiler, 256mm brakes, lowering kit etc etc etc, Just ask, 


AND im not planning on selling this one, but if the right offer comes id consider it, I have a gun metal grey Peugeot 306 2.0 HDi Hatchback that has been remapped to 130BHP (with print out to prove this). 


I have attached pictures of the scoob and one with all 3 cars in it and one of the pug! Anyway, feel free to ask me anything! CHEEEEEEEEEEERS :) 











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Don't go to Australia problem solved ;)  

No best of luck with the sale mate, and don't be afraid to drop it now and again after it's sold I'm sure we will be happy to see the Aussie pictures wishing we was there in the peak of summer. Mind you if it snows I'll be having fun in the sccob ;) 

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hahah! put it this way.....i've already started to look at scoobs for sale in oz! ;) Im sure i'll find another one when I come back, just need a change in life now so shes gotta go! Even the Nova, (i know most people think they are **** boxes) but i had it when i was 16, so many memories with that car! Its only done 60k on the clock as well! 

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