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subaru legacy gt


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just bought leg gt bilstein but with tein coilovers as standard the car is a 98 but has ltd ed on front and front spoiller is different with twin fogs inbuilt love the car but need to no more info was it the end of line and they made a limmited edition ?just need to know any help would be ace thanks berny


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Wotcha and welcome Berny, we have a few Legacy members on here with quite a bit knowledge. It would probably help if you could post some photos and could share the model number which is located on the VIN plate

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Hi and welcome.

What you have is a GTB limited. It's not a limited edition but some of the kit on it was only available on that particular car.

What makes it different to a standard GTB is:

Front bumper with the extra large fogs. (Don't break the bumper, they are getting very hard to find)

The interior plastic trim is like a dark wood finish as oppose to just grey plastic in the normal car,

Half wood steering wheel and matching wooden gear knob. (Most don't have these any more as most have been changed for different ones. Mine didn't have the gear knob when it came in from Japan.)

Other than that, they are standard GTB at 280bhp for the manual or 260bhp for the auto.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of yours.

Mines the one in my avatar and if you see my thread in the project/conversion section, you'll see more pictures. :)

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