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is this car worth...


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£2500 is what ive got him down to




with quick shift gearbox, uprated injectors, induction kit and a brand new rad, lower and very firm suspension,straight through exhaust.


any advice is appreciated


130k on clock 11 mot 4 tax



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Starts every time regardless if its cold or hot - like most cars then

Interior is also perfect, perfect apart from a tear on the steering wheel - so not perfect then

The only problem with the car is a slightly sticking brake pad - not the only problem, see above


will also come with a £700.00 apexi ECU - fitted or in a box????? if fitted, who mapped it or any RR graphs?

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Hello mate long time no see. Does look nice I will give it that, as said above I would want to speak with him 1st service history if it has any and if he's done the service. I'd also give it a thorough going around I'd even check the codes and do the simple head gasket tests and give it a good test drive feel how the clutch is. As Dave said his Advertising is a bit poor. 


For me looking at the add I see he's trying to sell a car. But offering the apexi to sweeten the deal. Not enough info about the car. So would say he's not had it long and I always worry with people like that, I think they will thrash it to within an inch of it's life :(

But not always the case, would be asking him a lot more questions with the aim of wanting to go look at it with the thought if I'm not happy walk away. 

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