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Random Fault code and Running Issue

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Hi Guys,


Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue to this before. Had my 53 plate WRX for about 6 months and all was well till I got a random fault code for "overvoltage" the garage told me and that they cleared it. Since then I the engine management light has come back 4 or 5 times usually when starting or when you have just started the car. It seems to run on limp mode until its warm and then if you turn the key off and on it will start running normally again. I do feel the car is down on power a bit so something is up. I got the light again the other day so decided to plug in a device I had to read fault codes, was well impressed it brought up all the codes and can even see live data from the ecu. I noted the codes down and cleared them and they have stayed off for this mornings drive at least but I know they will be back! Here are the codes I am getting and the fault:


P1097 Subaru - Tumble Generator Valve Circuit #2 Over Current
P0102 Subaru - Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input
P1093 Subaru - Tumble Generator Valve #2 Malfunction Stuck Closed
P1091 Subaru - Tumble Generator Valve #1 Malfunction Stuck Closed
P1092 Subaru - Tumble Generator Valve #2 Malfunction Stuck Open
P1090 Subaru - Tumble Generator Valve #1 Malfunction Stuck Open
Obviously something electrical going on, anyone any ideas or had a similar issue before? Car has been well maintained with full subaru service history which makes it even more annoying!
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Wotcha and welcome - 1st place to try is the MAF sensor, disconnect it and see if the car still runs, second easy one check your earth points are good and not corroded

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Hey! Yeah I tried that before as i was doing a bit of reading and some of what I read points towards the MAF and the car cuts out like it should. Worth checking the earth points as you say, will try find some info on where they are and look them over. Cheers for the info.

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

I would have a look at the throttle body see if it's stuck open or carboned up but worth giving it a quick clean seeing as you have the TMIC off anyway, see if that helps with one of the codes :) I would look at the Throttle Position Sensor/Potentiometer for the others give that a clean it also suffers with carbon build up or failed giving the code.

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Hey, thanks!


Will have a look at those too thanks for the advice. The P1097 one came up on the way back home again so its going to be pretty clear when i finally do manage to figure out what it is. Hopefully can get this sorted out as I want to get a remap done but not much point with it not running right at the moment.

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