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your view on spacers please


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hi guys can u give me your view on spacer please. also are they safe? it doesnt get rallied about through corners and its just a car i enjoy. im lookin to get the wheels more flush with the wings.


in time i'll hopefully put the wide track hubs on if thats what i need to make it wider slightly but i'll have to look that up and do some research coz im unsure what i need to do to basically make it a wide track.


thank for the help in advance


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Spacers are not looked kindly upon by insurance companies. Depending on thickness they're fine, just make sure you have enough stud left to screw on the wheels nuts. To convert to widetrack is a lot of parts and work. The drive shafts are different, front and rear arms, rear diff and 6 speed gearbox unless you can get custom driveshafts to convert wrx box/diff to widetrack hubs. Don't forget more offset means more stress on wheel bearings!

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For the work involved would it not be easier to get some wheels with a different offset so it sat a bit wider?

Might be less to worry about on things going wrong and you would be keeping the same size tyres etc?



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cheers guys yea over time i'll be gettin so wider wheels gona get rota grids.

i was just wondering really the work involved in gettin an 03 sti to a wide track that was all. as im gona be putting the wide track bumper and rear arches on over time it just gives it that bit better look



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