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Subaru Impreza 1.5 R


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Hi folks,

I'm just asking for some advice. 

Since my 207 GTI is throwing it's toys out the pram as usual, i'm looking for different cars and as my friend has a legacy, a Scooby has caught my eyes. 

The thing i'm worried about is the presumably big drop in power and increased fuel consumption. 

In the GTI, it's a 1600cc Turbo'd block, with about 175bhp, and milking it, i managed to get 44mpg on the motorway, or 35mpg booting it. What can i expect out of the scoobie linked below?

Can anybody give me some advice on the link below? Anything to look out for? 

Due to my age, a 2.5L is out the question :( 


Debating between the above, and this one. 


Seems silly to spend £1k more for a smaller engine, even if it looks abit nicer? Won't cost too much to turn the silvery one into something nice :) 
Thank you :)

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You're not going to get frustrated moving from 176bhp to roughly 100bhp?

Yeah, i will do most likely, but due to the pug being a CAT D, it's only roughly worth £3k so it limits what i can get power wise for my money :/

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I also really recommend you look at fuel and running costs, they arent cheap cars, N/A arent the most pricey or needy but if you are dropping that much bhp you might be bored after a while and be stuck with it, and N/A's dont go for much these days. Though on the Pro's side, you arent driving a terrible little french bag of crap anymore, it may have had more horses but you'll get noticed more in a scooby and it makes a nicer sound, boxer engine purrr, mmmmmmm :wub:

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sadly, i have to report that my friend Mr Corfate has bought a Vectra. :(


I tried boys, i tried to show him the way to Subaru, but it seems he's opted for a an inferior car all together :(


and yes I called him a knob lol.

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Just thought i'd add...


I've got myself a 1.5 Impreza Wagon and I really like it.  No, it's not the fastest car I've ever owned but it's relatively cheap to run, well put together, clean and it works.  I have motorbikes for when I want to tear-!Removed! around but having said that, put your foot down in this and it shifts along.  Where I live you can't go faster than the car in front of you.  I don't have a problem with them at all.


It's a Subaru with 100hp.  What's the problem?

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