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  1. And to think that, when launched, it was 'engine of the year'. Who thinks these things?
  2. I think you've answered most of your questions. You've got to the point of "there's only one way to find out". The only thing that does raise an eyebrow is the ECU. I would look into flashing from an autobox'd one. I'd imagine the ECU would have a fit to turn on and find out that it's had a gearbox transplant! There seems to be a lot of noise concerning RomRaider and other software but as of now, I can't find anyone who has successfully used it. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong place.
  3. Just taken one apart, Mr B. IMHO, this unit fails totally, and not by increment. One write up to follow!
  4. Fix it with this. EGR valves available in the 'for sale' section.
  5. Direct from the factory. £90 inc p&p. Mine failed, I had to replace it, so I tracked down the factory which makes them and had to order a box full. I did a write up for the EGR valves and you can read it here - Brand new, straight from the factory. I'm not a dealer so these are pretty much what they cost me (goods, import duty, tax, delivery - it all adds up). Add a bit for p&p and you get a brand new EGR valve. UK delivery only, £90 including postage, paypal is great. PM for details. EGR map.pdf
  6. Fixed it, You can read the how to thread here.
  7. Subaru’s 2.0 diesel engine has a few faults, the one that seems to cause the most trouble is when the EGR valve fails. Not only does it hamper performance but it is also an MOT failure. Here’s how to fix it. If you want to read the background then look at this thread. I've been all over the web trying to sort this, chasing bad information. The final pieces of the puzzle came to be by way of my friendly Subaru mechanic. First thing first – what does it do? When the engine is running, the valve allows some of the exhaust gasses to recirculate back into the engine. The pur
  8. Hi Morph Same engine as mine, but i'm in an Outback. Yeah, resetting the ECU won't stop the notification of the fault. If you do a swap-over then you'll need some very small security torx bits to get the top off. As luck would have it, I have been in contact with the factory in China where these valves are made - the joys of the internet. I have 10 brand new ones on their way to me. Obvious when you think about it, really, car manufacturers don't make seats, they certainly don't make tyres and they don't make EGR valves either. It's all from China. Rumour has it that most Trium
  9. I use Machine Mart whenever I can. Good kit.
  10. Got news for you lot. Been into my Subaru main dealer and the parts guy assures me that there is no optical sensor. We drew a map of where the gas goes and the mechanic told me that P0409 comes up when the motor in the EGR housing fails. As far as Subaru is concerned, there is only one possible solution. What does P0409 mean? The valve is a disc that rotates on its vertical axis, like a coin. This is enabled by a motor and I believe that the max open position is 70 degrees. 5 wires go into the EGR valve, one of which is 5v so don't fry it! A pipe comes up off the exhaust, and t
  11. Drop links, sway bar links, anti-roll bars - different names, same job. But if you want to change them, it's actually quite easy to do. And they are pretty much the same from model to model. An easy job to do if you're competent with a spanner, have some decent kit and a bit of muscle. You don't need to take the wheels off, nor do you need heat or an air spanner. You might do... The symptoms are side to side rolling at high speed corners, and more noticeable, feeling every stone you drive over. A jolting, jarring ride. And you'll never get the tracking right as there is too much pl
  12. This is the thread that won't go away. Gambit. sounds great but imagine I don't know what or where this sensor is. What do I do?
  13. Outback, 2008 diesel, complete with P0409 I've had the EGR valve out and couldn't find the carb cleaner. M'sahib recommended oven cleaner and you know what, there's a lovely smell that follows you around! Got tons of carbon out of the assembly but not all of it. I have no clue if it's working correctly but I do know what has to happen next. Take it out again and get the back off - tamper torq bolts and I didn't have the kit at the time. Dismantle and soak until it's like new. Squirt loads of carb cleaner down the J pipe and some into the inlet on the other side of the valve
  14. Do you still have these? Don't know if mine is self levelling - wouldn't know either way! But interested in the front ones. David
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