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hello, hi, need some help, just bought a set of yellow top injectors for my 95 wrx, all fitted fine no problems but when i went to start it up it wouldn't, starter engaged didn't turn over like starter was gone, after a while decided to check if id missed something putting it all back together took the yellow injectors out and found the engine had flooded literally pulled them out and lots of expensive fuel hit the ground, so, need advice/suggestions as to why this happened and what to do about it as unfortunately one of the old grey top injectors decided to go base jumping off my work bench without its parachute on and is now broke so cant just put the old ones back in. picture below is of the grey ones that came out and the yellow ones that were meant to be going in. why have they flooded my engine? or am i missing some vital information about how to correctly fit uprated injectors.

thanks in advance for anything you men of wisdom can come up with


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Any idea what phase (or year ) the yellows came from ?

As if the yellows aren't from the same phase fuel rail set up you'll need some "phase adapters"

If the turbo inlet pipe runs under the inlet it will be phase 1.5

If your turbo inlet pipe runs over it will be phase 1 .

Google "carl davey phase adapters " and there's a section on inlet/fuel rail phase identification [emoji6]

Also the car won't run well due to over fuelling and will need a remap asap if you change the colour /size of the injectors .

I'd also do a oil change once up and running as you've probably thinned the oil with "bore wash" petrol in the sump .

I can't tell you what phase the yellows are in the pic im afraid , due to being unsure of the exact difference between the types of phases on the injectors other than length

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i believe from that article they yellows are phase 2, whiiich wasnt mentioned in the ebay ad nice waste of £60. anyone got a grey phase 1 injector going spare to replace the broken one???? :D

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