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STi R205 rear defusser - Idiots guide on how to fit one


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I bought a genuine STi R205 rear defusser from Japan (JapanParts.com) for my STi 330s HATCH (08-10).




It came, lovely quality but the instructions were in Japanese with some IKEA style pictures to show you howto fit it. My Japanese is only as good as saying YoSuShe. So I thought I'd do an idiots guide to fitting it to your car. If I can do it anyone can.




Just make sure you have some WD40 and a socket set. ;)


In the fixing kit you get a LEFT + RIGHT hand side bracket

4x M10 Nuts - (use these to replace the original Nut already on the car)

1x 'O' ring washer - (don't for get to fit this!!)

4x  Black Bolts - (used to fit the R205 spoiler to the new brackets you'll be fitting) 

6x Black Nuts - as above

10x Black washers - as above


#1 Rear Bumper removal



GET UNDER THE REAR OF THE CAR AND LOCAL ALL THE PRESS CLIP STUDS - pop out the centre with a flat blade screw driver, then ease teh whole clip out the hole.



The rear wheel arch has small holding clips, press the centre part way through then, ease the clip out.If you have mud flaps fitted like I have you may have other clips holding them on, ifthey need to come off, remove at this stage.



Once all the clips are out, carefully pull the bumper from the rear wheel arch, one side at a time, then pull the whole bumper away from the centre clips that hold the middle in place (with two people it's a bit easier).



RED dots are where the centre/middle of the bumper clips in place.





#2 Removal of the centre support bar.

Use your socket set to remove the THREE M10 nuts - on both sides.





Centre bar now removed.



In the bag of Nuts & Washers, there is one Larger 'O' ring washer. This goes on the bottom bolt on the left hand side (as you look from the rear of the car). This goes on before you fit the LEFT SIDE R205 Black Bracket. 9f477159-9fad-4c79-8065-6ffd8af7359d_zps


Fit the LEFT bracket and use TWO of the new M10 NUTS that come in fitting kit.



Then fit the right hand side bracket.



TIP: before fitting the M10 NUTS, line up the holes (one on the new black bracked  and the other hole of the aluminium bumper support) using one of the Black Plastic fitting Clips, that you removed when removing the bumper. (I've circled it in RED). Don't press it in to fit it just yet! When you're happy they line up, you can tighten the M10 NUTS. Again use TWO of the new M10 NUTS to bolt the Black Bracket on. The original M10 NUTS can go back as before.



#3 Re Fit the rear bumper.

I found it easier to re fit the bumper by removing the side rear light clusters, as it allowed me to make sure the edge of the bumper had gone back into place.

Put back all the black plastic clips you removed in section #1.


Once all clips are back in place, go back under the car and have a look where the R205 fixing holes are on the newly fitted BLACK Brackets.





#4 Fitting of the R205 spoiler

Here comes the easy bit.

When you're ready, offer up the New R205 rear spolier and have ready the smaller Black Nut/Bolt + Washers that come in the fitting kit.


You'll need to use 2 Nut/Bolts + 4 Washers per Bracket (use one washer either side of the hole on the New Black R205 bracket, comman sense come in on this.


Once you've fixed all 4 Nut/Bolts/washers....

you will now find you only have Two of the smaller Black Nuts + two Washers left.

These are used to secure the ends of the R205 spolier (you will have noticed the R205 spoiler has bolts pre fixed at the ends. These go into holes already in the lower part of the rear bumper. So make sure the bolt lines up and goes into the hole. Put a washer on it and tighten up the Black Nut.  


DONE.. dead easy ;)





You can fit the R205 spoiler with the Silver Exhaust Trims.




I hope this helps people in the future, if they want to fit a R205 rear defusser like I have.

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Good write up. How much was the spoiler including any duty and taxes?


I also ordered the black STi side garnishes at the same time.


the whole lot including Postage from japan and a paypal fee and the VAT/import duty + Handling fee from Parcel Force.

just under £400.


the rear spoiler is 37k Yen, if that helps ;0 (about £220)

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