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Subaru forester parts


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Hey I'm starting this as me and a few fozzie owner are having trouble finding good second hand parts apart from eBay we are hitting a wall. I'm after a set of lowering springs for a forester s turbo and my pal is after a set of wheels to fit his forester if anyone can help I'm in the Watford area and he's near marlow

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Be careful lowering foresters as if on SLS rear struts you will need change them as well.

Most people swap to impreza struts-springs as cheap used part option so find what works with you forester version & go hunting.

Is a few specialist breakers but they are never the cheapest & subaru used parts hold good value due to demand & low number of subaru vehicles in the dismantling networks.

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change struts to standard non SLS.

If SLS faulty & got saggy rear then worth mucking with but if in good order I would leave alone & spend money on checking all suspension bushes are in good order & buying quality tyres/wheels perhaps

Lowered foresters tend to be a worthless job unless done well.

We done a 2.5XT & rather than lowering we used KYB struts to replace worn SLS & fitted custom rated standard height springs all round to give firmer ride & little less body roll.

Problem with impreza suspension swap is you need do some homework so use a good donor option plus you need buy good used 100% standard rather than half dead & fitted with unknown non standard springs, buying suspension used is a risky game.

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