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Evening all,


Anybody fitted any front spot lamps to their Forester SG? 

Any recommendations on makes & is there mounting brackets behind the bumper?

Doing a google search earlier some have mounted them above & below their number plates, any feedback on best location?


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I doubt theres a specific mounting for them easiest way to tell is pop the grill off but be carefull as there are hidden clips.

Not sure if there are sepcific kits either.

There are quite a few us owners that have the lamps on. Maybe check out forester.org as it mainly caters for our friends on the other side of the pond.

'Ll have a dig around after dinner see what I can find too

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Your best bet would be some custom made brackets to feed through bottom of grill.

Anything under numberplate is going be easily knocked etc ...

If particularly heavy or large lighting you could look at the light bars but they not cheap for what they are.

Custom brackets should be cheap option & worse scenario is a bit of cutting on the plastic grill,& that easily replaced if ever wanted reverse the surgery.

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Indeed, that alloy frame feeds from under bumper & through grill.

would be possible make a frame with mounting bar using number plate points for lower frame & through grill for top, would be solid & lights look & work good at that level.

Don't actually need any lights myself but tempted buy some just for sake of some fabrication :-P plus a meaner looking SG :-P

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