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Headlight bulbs


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Im de-tangoing my front lights and spraying them black, why there out i want to upgrade my bulbs to something more white than yellow but not over the top like HID's

Can anyone recommend me some nice bright bulbs, im also looking for some silvertech indicator bulbs for front and rear, not sure what type they are though ?

Wrx sti blob.

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I'm the same as Tom too....made a big difference to my Foz, both during the day when I run with sidelights on and at night (sides are osram cool blue as above, mains are night breaker unlimited)

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how are the osram side lights? i would mind getiing some, but i couldn't figure out how to get the old bulbs out lol. I presume you have to take out the whole housing.


They give a nice, clean white light and compliment the nightbreakers really well. Yes, I had to remove the grill and headlamp units to change mine - a bit fiddly and you dice with death a bit (just ask Stanton) with the plastic clips, but worth the difference they made  :)

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