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Standard Injectors

Jammy Johnny

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Where can I get a set or single fuel injector for my 1997 impreza 2000 turbo wagon ? My number 4 cylinder injector is faulty. Please help, I have looked eBay etc but I am unsure what to buy. I know my car cannot be mapped so Its a standard injector I am looking for. I dont mind buying a full set of either new or re-con or second hand working 

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97 / 98 , v3/v4 ecu's can have a esl daughter board fitted which allows you to map the standard ecu (looks oe on the outside) .so the best way to tell what injectors you need is by colour grey's are 380cc

Yellows are 440cc (your's should have greys as standard)

Just make sure that if there greys that the replacements you buy are v3 / v4 (phase1.5 ) fitment .

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No probs johnny [emoji106]

Might be cheaper to buy a second hand set and send them to mark @ lateral performance to get them ultrasonically cleaned or get some bigger ones and a remap [emoji48]

Got my eye on a set on ebay  ;)

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