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Am thinking of getting some impreza wheels for the outback (the multispoke ones) but wondered if I would have issues with fitment. Mine has 17's on it at the minute but the tyres are a higher profile.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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so Pcd and fitment aside as long as you have the same rolling radius you will be fine so compensating for the tyre height as well as wheel diameter is a must - all impacts the speedo reading.


If you did go for 17" impreza wheels you would still have to retain the existing tyre profile - I dont know what profile you are currently running but it might be worth looking at 18's or 19's if you have a really high tyre wall then you could run a lower profile tyre - this does improve cornering and feel but some owners dont necessarily want the firmer ride that can come with it.


What tyres do you currently use?

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