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Alarm failure


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I have a sigma alarm on my classic 2000 estate none turbo.

The immobiliser has disabled all electrics, and now fob has lost code!

Can I disconnect the immobiliser and use car without it?

Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated.

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Not sure Mate, your not parked near any radio equipment or power lines ? These cN play havoc with the subaru alarm.

Can you put the code into the keypad and bypass everything to start the car ?

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Serpi Star Gemel. come across them.

Quite basic alarm so should be easy to remove.

Have a google for wiring diagram, even review slightly different models as sometimes the wiring for likes of immobiliser circuit will run off same pins of alarm plug so easy figure out.

Removed a Serpi Star some years ago on a Mazda 323 Rally Lux, was reasonably easy even without wiring sheet as they wanted 100% removal all wiring was traced to joins & fully dissected.

Bit time consuming but you could probably handle this yourself.

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