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wrx 2000 4000rpm judder


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Hi guys thinking of buying a wrx but the guys saying it revs to 4000 rpm then judders? This is what he said

"Yeah still drives fine mate, if you put your foot down and it revs upto 4,000 when the turbo is spooled then it judders and won't give you anything. You can go past 4,000 revs but you just have to get your position on the accelerator pedal right."

Is this simply a boost leak? !?

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Also this was posted from his advert ..

UPDATE 05/07/2014 - the car has now had a replacement aux belt, MAF sensor, temperature sensor and has had the knock sensor cleaned. I have also replaced the boost solenoid and have a aftermarket boost controller. The car still does not like to idle when cold or rev over 4000 rpm. I've had the car looked at and this is due to. It needing a remap for the front mount intercooler and downpipe. This is something that I don't want to get done as I'm looking to sell the car***

***UPADATE 11/07/2014 - I have taken the car sure a Subaru specialist, the idle issue is due to needing a new Idle Control Valve. They have also told me that I can sort the performance issue by refitting the catalytic converter that I have, if I get the time I will do this, however I do want this gone ASAP***

***UPDATE 20/07/2014 - I have received a reconditioned IACV and have it fitted. It needs some fine tweeting to suit my car as it was set into a universal position but it has greatly improved the situation already. In the next few days I will have had chance to play and sort this. I have refitted the catalytic converter downpipe and this has greatly improved performance, however when I have had to take off various vacuum lines and intercooler pipes it has now developed a small leak. If I get the chance to find it I will but I have lost all interest with the car after spending 5 hours trying to do the downpipe tonight.

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