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Cheshire Performance Cars Dealer Advice


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Hi all,

I have found a car from this place which I really want to buy:


The car is no longer listed as I have shown real interest and very much want to buy.

The guys here seem like nice blokes and the car was awesome but as I am pretty much putting my life savings into this car I thought the sensible thing to do was ask around and see if anyone has any advice/prior dealings which them as I have seen both positive and negative reviews online. There were a few niggling details which needed fixing but they were upfront and seemed genuine about getting them sorted. Can anyone advise me on this as I am no mechanical expert and really don't want any nasty surprises once money has changed hands as I am sure you can all understand.

All advice much appreciated in advance!!

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Can't say I have has any dealings with the company mate but if you look at the top of this section there is a 1st Subaru Buying Guide put together by the wise Gambit :).... Give it a read and write the points down to do a check yourself. Main thing as with any car I suppose is service history! Subarus have to be serviced more often than other cars and i would be wary of one that has missed the 5 or 7k markers for oil etc as it shows it was owned by a tight **** ;) and who knows what else could be dodgy....

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I agree with Tom. I saw quite a few cars being sold by the trade with a £2.5k mark up with full service history....when I checked the paper work they only had 6 services in 10 years...."but it's full service history to mileage not age" I heard them cry.

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