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2012 forester tyre advice for a newbie please?!


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i'm a relatively new subaru convert, having had only 2 foresters over the last couple of years, and so need a little advice. 

i damaged a tyre, beyond repair, and as the rest are at about 50%-60% wore, i was looking for advice, about this. this is where i feel like its a stupid question, but i've heard that uneven tyres can be a problem with AWD's, and wanted to know if replacing one, or even two was ok, or is it a 4 tyre at once situation? i have one other tyre, with a bit of wear, on the rear nearside, that  i could change , but as i say, trying to avoid changing all four if possible, unless necessary.


appreciate your help,




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You will be fine with a new tyre or a part worn, its only if you run a 4x4 with different wheel & tyre sizes that you can do damage to the awd/4x4. EG: different rolling diameters across the axels.

Ive owned 3 Mitsubishi evo's a shogun and a Sunny gtir and now the forester sti and all have been fine when having to run new & worn tyres together.

Hope this helps.

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