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My little trip to the black mountains / Brecon Beacons


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Hi all just thought I would do a little write up , on how happy I am with my subaru and what a car they are

Well I have been away for a few days to my mums in ,ystalyfera ,South Wales , I drove of course lol from northampton 189 miles or so ,

Well we left in the evening had 3 kids in the back the missus navigating lol boot full of buggies and ,spades and buckets etc full tank of vpower lol basically a fully laden car.

Won't go into the motorway section of driving but did have to show a few bmws who's boss well got to be done , I recommend the m50 a40 way into South Wales loverly clear and scenic roads ,

Well anyway I'm so impressed with the car chugging around the black mountains fully laden had no trouble over taking or handling just amazing keeping up with the motorbike which were everywhere lol I mean some of the hills were quite steep and the car just pulled and pulled

Had a few solo drives up the 4069 my god amazing ,,glad I got the exhaust on that ,, turbo whistle and burble ( if anyone does not know the top gear road) that goes up into the mountains just delighted even though my boost was all over the place wanted to take more photos but didn't think at the time lol but the missus wanted the storage for the kids lol lol I think I'm in love now I'm offically a subaru man now .


Cannot wait till I go next year with the vf35 and map lol

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Well I didn't let the car get below half a tank , never do when I'm away but , it was around 160 to 170 miles for half a tank ,that's a straight run though ,and it was of mixed driving ,some cursing ,some havin it ,lol etc ..

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