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Mechanic damaged the missus car..


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So !Removed!, the missus needed a new rear spring on her 1.6 astra. So instead of taking it to the usual place up the road and paying about 70 for it. She had her dads friends partner do it for a bit cheaper. So against my advice she dropped the car off at his house the night before, Luckily, I made sure the missus wrote down the millage. He then took it to his garage changed the spring, drove it back today and dropped it off, was only 45 quid sounds pretty cheap. Not a bad deal we thought.


The missus is a little particular over her pride and joy (as we all are here) so she had a good look around it. Turns out he's done 120miles in it! According to google, its 12.9 from the centre of where we live to the centre of Sunderland (where the garage is) so call it 30miles there and back, maybe add a few miles in for grace. So I can only assume that he's been for a right jolly in it. and there is also a long scrape of chips horizontal along the rear bumper protector.







As you can imagine we are both livid. We know for a fact it wasn't there before and with the amount of miles hes added on shows his complete lack of regard and respect for a customers car.


She called him up and argued that the damage wasn't there before and he's agreed to take the car on Thursday night and get it sorted and he has agreed to pay. I notice how he didn't even argue against the damage.


Not a happy bunny to say the least. But it goes to show, you get what you pay for, had she paid the extra few quid and went to the usual place this wouldn't have happened.

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Thanks ash, Yeah I'm very picky too, that's why I like going SSS. As for the meet on the 11th, I'll have to see mate, as I've got an essay due that day and I'm like 100 miles away. So it would be a bit of drive.

We spoke to her uncle who runs a body repair garage, he had a look and said its been reversed into a wall or something rough. Had another car hit it, there would have been paint transfer from the other car. So he's gonna repair it properly. Just gotta get the mechanic to pay for it now.

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yeah shes fuming, as you would be. Its just fortunate that her uncle can do it properly for us. The mechanic has agreed to pay the costs for the repair and added that he's "honestly got no idea how it got damaged, it must have been when it was sat on my drive" aye yea alright mate, considering its been reversed into a wall.

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