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Drivers door window - needs re aligning!!!!


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Today (whilst reversing with the drivers door open) i decided to 'not see' a lamp post and proceeded to to drive into it!!!!!!! It didn't hit the door just the window, so now the window is 'wonky' and doesn;t work (go up or down) and the door won't shut properly from the inside (you can close it tight from the outside if you push the window at the same time). So i need to realign the window, my question is therefore does anyone have any tips to get this sorted and also how do i remove the door card.

I am grateful for ANY information.

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I've seen Matty (breakers) sell the whole door (minus internal card) for £30. So I'd suggest going the easy option and get a new door...


MB developments 
Unit 3 
Addenbrook street
Ws10 8hj

call or tx for quicker reply 07785942237

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I'd rather get the window fixed to save on matching colours etc, so looks like its a trip to a garage as i can't seem to get at the relevant area to see the problem. Looks like im going to need a regulator (which is a pain). does anyone know a good garage/mechanic in the portsmouth area?

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