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Newage injector replacement

Mr Dulux WRX

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Thought I'd ask as I know bugs share a lot of components with classics compared to blob and newer .

I've got a few pics from when I fitted the 550 nismo side feed injectors in my classic that might have helped .

Just take your time, de pressurise the fuel system before you start and bear in mind if you're fitting bigger cc injectors the car will run rough until you get the fuelling rescaled (remapped)

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Tbo I'm unsure what the similarities are between classic and bug , but I read (somwhere) that there are more of the same components than classic and blob upwards.

Nice shopping list [emoji41]

Good luck with the fitting and mapping [emoji106]

P.s I don't know if you have new injector o rings but , it might be worth getting some just in case [emoji6]

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