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Sf spring rates


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Can anyone tell me what the standard spring rates are please?

Lookiing at replacing the suspension, one bc kit lists replacement springs at 8kg/mm at the front and 6kg/mm rear,

I think this may be too much.

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On B-roads 8kg is awful, ok for track but for good handling & grip on real average roads & wet roads coilovers like BC & high spring rates are awful.

Best road handling would be new struts from kyb or monroe & some custom springs from springcoil ...

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Now I'm slightly confused as various foz websites recommend a 6/5 fron rear rate where as bc website is 8/6 Although I've read that that combo makes it unbarable as a daily drive.

Going on weights of models the sf has the least kerb weight but highest front spring rate ?

I'd have thought that it would be more in line with the classic impreza set up due to there no being much difference in weight

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Mr b,

Thats what I was thinking but I could do with new tops too was just trying to get the entire package cheaper as I didn'd really want to buy any in the 1st place.

Had kyb's in the past and found them to be good, whats your opinion on the pedders stuff ?

Sorry I was typing the reply as before seeing your other post :-D

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I don't rate the pedders very highly mainly in terms of durability as replaced a few that not been that old but dampers had failed. You get 2 year warranty on kyb's , kyb do top hats too as they are the OEM for subaru. Mix that with some custom springs from springcoil & you would have decent ride & grip in all weather & road types.

kyb struts are probably about £70 a corner & springcoil would be about £55, throw in top hats & strut boot kits & you should do complete at £700ish

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I'll post part numbers for KYB later as busy at mo.

Won't find them in masses on internet or eBay, SG range found easily mainly as huge stock hence cheap prices of around £55 for SG.

Top hat kit (front) from KYB is same for sf & sg & that number is SM5361

You can use kyb spring too and they cheaper than springcoil but obviously no custom ratings. If yours is JDM import then standard springs are stiffer than EU vehicles.

You would be best pricing from local factors and you should be able get some level of trade price if handle it right.

4/3 or 4.25/3.5 is better real world ratings for BC, 6/5 ok on good dry surface but !Removed! on wet or bumpy roads, BC strut travel is also very short in travel range & not great on 4wd road cars.

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Struts *excel-G*


L 334190

R 334189


L 334192

R 334191



Front SM53611


L SM8101

R SM8102


Protection boot/bump kit *1kit for 2 struts*

Front 910105

Rear 910072


Springs *kyb k-flex*

Front RC2315

Rear RA5763




No idea on your current condition/suspension problems & what your goal is.

for best price you would best use KYB springs or originals if good enough order, also expect rear original tophats re-usable but up to you to evaluate.

If handling big on agenda then springcoil springs would be good but more hassle & more £.

Monroe do struts too & they decent struts so don't overlook them should you see a nice price.

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Just go with KYB springs then if want keep price decent, review tophats too as current maybe serviceable especially rears.

Expect springs tophats & protection kits can be had on likes of eBay but struts are hit & miss pending on stock levels & looks like most eBay suppliers cleared them as very little struts for SF.

I get them for a little under £70 & they throw in the protection kits free for full sets, just find what can and prices on eBay etc then call a few autofactors & have all details on hand & see what prices you get.

Should be quite reasonable & if you do the work yourself I expect a whole set of struts/springs would be cheaper than just 1 complete strut/spring from Subaru so not bad really.

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