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camshaft sensor location


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If you force it too much, it will break. Worse than that, it actually sits in a bracket that is part of the oil pump casting and you really don't want to break that.

Once in a while I find one like this that has probably been there since new and refuses to budge, no matter what.

The way I do it is to soak it in wd40 overnight then try again in the morning. If that fails, it's time to get serious and really commit to removing it. Apply more force in the turning action. Sometimes with the extra force, they will move. More often, the top breaks off. At that point, you have to carry on. I would normally use a pair of pliers and gradually pull bits out but what you will be left with is the outside case of the sensor still stuck in the bracket. I then get a very slim, small flat blade screwdriver and try and get it down between the brack and the sensor case. The case is a much softer metal and should give quite easily. Once you have a gap down the side, get a pair of long nose pliers in it, one prong in the gap and the other in the sensor, grip tightly and turn the pliers so you screw the sensor cap up. Then it's just a matter of patience and fiddling to get it out.

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I removed the bracket it sat into and got local garage to chap it out then put everything back together, strange thing was a bit of oil can out from closest spark lead to sensor and there hasn't been any there before but I wiped it up and no more come back

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