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Bugeye remap

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Hi all, I am a new member so apologies if this question has been asked/answered a million times.

My bugeye STi was remapped following a few mods 3 years ago, it's now not running as it should, it is hesitant through second gear, I was thinking it may need a remap and perhaps the induction filter removing as i believe they are restrictive?

Can anyone recommend someone to remap the car? I am based near Chester?

Many thanks

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Wotcha and welcome - it is unlikely the map has corrupted of its own accord the ECU's tend to be quite robust. As the car has run fine for a number of years with the map it is probably something else


Are there any engine codes that have been generated as this could point to an issue??..


If the car was mapped with the current filter in place I would keep it as is - possibly clean or replace the old filter if needed.


When were the plugs last changed?


It might also be a coil pack breaking down


Check the MAF sensor is working correctly also - disconnect whilst the car is idling - what is the result?? 

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if its not running as it should can you describe a little better ?? parts could have been removed from what the car was mapped with, i have JGM coming to sheffield in September, about an 1.3 hrs drive for you but id highly recommend him.


Does your idle hunt i.e go up and down alot ?? if not just clean the induction and maf sensors.

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