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In the interest of maintaning the car i want to be able to read codes, could anyone link me to a reader and something to connect it to an iphone perhaps? tried and tested is preferable,


Im also after locating some orange head light indicator clusters, not the bumper or wing ones, the ones that sit next to the head light itself if anyone could assist as im having no luck.

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Quite a bit of info in this thread.....


Best app is Dashcmd this is a pay app but gives loads of info besides fault codes.

If you just want codes then OBDCarDoctor is prob the best free app.

Both of these are wifi based apps rather than Bluetooth.

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Never used the Wifi OBD2 dongles but expect can find them on eBay & reviewing feedback may help.

Another good option if have notebook is the FreeSSM software & a VAG USB-OBD2 cable.

I'm still using WindowsMobile6.5.5 & have ScanMaster PPC & a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle off eBay which keep in glovebox as handy have basic access 24/7 anywhere, most of the ELM327 adaptors should be fine even wifi ones so doubt you will go wrong really ...

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