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Which Newage Gauges?

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Asked this before a while ago but the thread went missing when we had that little problem.

Im after a triple gauge pod with Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and boost gauges. I've got a max budget of £400 for this including everything bar fitting - the pod, gauges, sender, oil fitting kit etc.

I've been thinking of buying the Scoobyworld Prosport package with Defi pod. Comes in at a mighty £375 - http://www.scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=68&products_id=1538

But before I go ahead and get it just wondered if any of you could recommend any others? Preferably cheaper haha :)


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Yea they're nice but got to admit I prefer the sweeping needle to having digits in middle :)

I got bored of the needles moving about and like the digital gauge moving about with the numbers and the bar up and down. 

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I have the prosport boost guage ,it's good quality , and when you switch your ignition on the needle on the dial goes round and lights up

You have two backing lights white and Amber more red ,and I think you can get white and green as well,,I have the white running during the day and red/ amber at night but you can have it whatever way as the lens is smoked so the back has to be on ,it also has a peak button on the gauge ,which when pressed shoots the needle round to what your peak boost was ....very good

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Sounds good mate. Thanks for the feedback guys.

Also I've been looking round a bit more and found I can get it cheaper by buying it separately:

Oil temp and pressure kit - http://www.scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=68&products_id=2099


Defi pod - http://www.scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=68&products_id=1517


And then buy the gauges from R Spec:

Boost - http://rspec.co.uk/performance-gauges/stepper-motor-peak-series/52mm-smoked-stepper-motor-peak-turbo-boost-gauge-bar


Oil Pressure - http://rspec.co.uk/performance-gauges/stepper-motor-peak-series/52mm-smoked-stepper-motor-peak-oil-pressure-gauge-bar


Oil Temp - http://rspec.co.uk/performance-gauges/stepper-motor-peak-series/52mm-smoked-stepper-motor-peak-oil-temperature-gauge-degc


Bringing me to £348.11. Nice £25+ saving there :). Posted links for anyone else looking too ;). I wouldn't need anything else would I? The gauges say they come with senders and fitting kit.

Edit - the blue ones are even cheaper at £40 each.. http://rspec.co.uk/b-gauges-b/blue-stepper-motor-series


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No problem.

I've bit the bullet and ordered them now. Decided on the 3 I posted links for since they have alarm warning noises whereas the blue ones don't. Figured I'd usually be too focused on the road when driving hard to notice if one of the dials suddenly went too high so them giving a warning noise will be helpful.

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