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When I should renew the MOT?


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Hi Folks!


There is any way to know when the MOT of the car ends and needs to be renewed? I cant find the paper, or the previous owner didnt gave it to me... :(


Can I call the DVLA to find out when Im suppose to renew it? 







Thanks!  :)

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Take it to an MOT test garage mate they should be able to look it up from the reg, they might print another one for you maybe at a cost or will need a retest I'm not sure. You will also need it to re-tax the car anyway. 

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Yep the little bit of paper that's only good for one month :D


:O but... but... i have it until october... :P


I spoke with some police officer the other day and he mentioned that I was not going to recieve any disk, that was going to be controlled by the plates... :P

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