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Gearbox oil change advice

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Hi got my gear oil today 75/90 and is there anything I should know/look out for before I do it tomorrow?I haven't smelt it yet but it was a recon box fitted early last year.So I thought id change it so I know that its done.Also when ive got the correct tool for the diff nuts,i know to undo the top first then bottom,but how do I know when its full....When it starts coming out of the hole??Cheers stu

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Best advice I can give is not to watch the X Factor. Ever!!

You seem to have it covered already. It's a simple job, just a bit fiddly getting the fresh oil into the diff so maybe find yourself some sort of tube or pipe to help. You've already mentioned the most inportant bit... Always undo the top first. And yes, it's full when the level reaches the top hole.

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