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Newbie here


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Hi all, Newbie here.


Just wanna say hey to you alll lol 


I am a proud owner of 2005 grey PPP Wrx Sti blobeye. Previous owner put a different back box on it, did a remap (no proof but suppose to be 320bhp lol) detango headlights and 18 rota alloys :)


Had it just over a month and already done a few things of my own lol


Full LED interior

LED reverse and number plate blubs

chrome indicators

scoobyparts updated side indictators

twin aero blades wipers

painted satin black centre dash (was originally plastic dipped but wasnt very good lol)

zunsport top and full span bottom grills

eibach springs and superpros bushes all over lol

changed headlights bulbs to whiter and brighter ones lol


Hi again lol


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Hi welcome to S.O.C sounds nice been looking at some Hawkeyes myself and like the sound of the mods you have added, feel free to join in on the forum good bunch on here, and as jay said get some pictures up we do like a picture or two :D 

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Will put some pics up soon, will need to take some new ones with the additional mods lol


Lol are there much different between the blobeyes and hawkeyes apart from the exterior changes?


Thanks mate, just wanted to give it a bit of an update lol and tighten of the suspension felt a bit loose at first until I had the bushes done and its soo much nicer now lol just need to do the steering need to feel a bit heavier lol

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