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New guy from S.Wales


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Hi guy thought I would pop per and share my new pride and joy.

I'm harkus aka Matt, I'm 27 and I'm from Barry in South Wales currently in Cardiff, I run my own valeting + detailing business known as Vale Auto detailing, I have a personal profile and a business Page on FB you can find a like :).

I took collection of my new car on Friday night about 7pm, I had a Lexus is200 sport and did a strait swap for it. It's a 99 subaru impreza classic full WRX rep, it's got a few subtle mods done to it:

Lowered 30 mil all round

WRX bug eye wheels

Pro-drive p1 seats

£500 custom manifold

Car back stainless steal straight through

WRX back box

WRC graphics costing £150

Chrome air intake pipe

Cone induction filter

Full WRX kit with working spots

LED strip in the scoop

Upgrade breaks with red subaru callipers

I'm well happy with it, it's stupidly loud but in my opinion there ain't no better sounding car than a Scooby :). Anyways here's a cheeky picture I'll upload the rest In the relevant section.


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