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Labda on its way out?


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I have a 2.0 non turbo impreza 2000 model, on my mot my lambda was just bellow limits and i have quite a bit of hesitation when cold and doesn't feel as pokey when warm, would it be safe to say my lambda is on its way out? 

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Could be a few thing mate 


Oxygen Sensors


PCV Valve


Coil Pack (non-turbo)


Coil Packs (for turboed cars)


Spark Plugs


Spark Plug Wires 


Dirty Injectors 


Dirty Throttle Body


Dirty Electrical contacts on MAF or MAP sensors (Simply use Electric contact cleaner on the contacts. Do any you can find really,
it's not bad for them.)


Dirty or failing MAF or MAP sensors


Blocked, Clogged, or 'on its way to failing' Catalytic Converter


Coolant temperature sensor

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