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  1. Turns out it fits perfectly! But the only thing you go have to do is cut off the ear on the driverside thats closest to the engine (its part of the gearbox subframe) where the heat shield bolts too or something bolts too.
  2. Well if thats the case, nothing a grider and a TiG cant sort then!
  3. My standard cat(s) are falling to bits on my Impreza sport classic, so I was looking at a sports cat to replace it, the only ones i can find at a good price are for the newage, will I have problems fitting? they look pretty much the same.
  4. I have a 2.0 non turbo impreza 2000 model, on my mot my lambda was just bellow limits and i have quite a bit of hesitation when cold and doesn't feel as pokey when warm, would it be safe to say my lambda is on its way out?
  5. Hi guys, anyone know what obd scanner would work on my impreza classic 2000 non turbo that has obd2?
  6. Hi guys, is anyone selling rear anti roll bar chassis mounts for a classic impreza?
  7. Hi guys, when i drive my non turbo classic impreza from cold it is bogging and being hesitant, any Ideas what would be the cause? Have a feeling it might be the knock sensor? Thanks :)
  8. Looked there, still can't seem to find it, there is a port left of the clutch pedal behind where the sterio is but my reader plug won't plug to it? A picture wpuld be great if you wpuldn't happen to have one :)
  9. Hi guys, i have a 2000 impreza sport, any idea where my diagnostics port is? Its it obd1,2 orrr some other one? Thanks :)
  10. Its not been lowered, if anything raised haha
  11. Hi there, a friend of mine gave me a set of 18's for my classic which came off his bugeye, he says to use 225 40 18 tyres, would they be ok on a classic?
  12. Thanks alot man! I could easily 555 my scoob or get the swoosh and stars, but neither of them are right for my version!
  13. I did look on ebay for the kit, but could not find it anywhere!
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