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What engine?

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Hi all, I've recently worked out that my engine isn't the one that came on the car, but I can't work out what engine it is,

If has stamped on it


The long number in the back where it meet the gearbox is 109528110575

And the number on the block by the starter motor is B158555

Anyone know what these mean??

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I've had a quick look for engine codes and can't seem to find much info to help .seems to be lots of info on vehicle model codes but not much on engine side of things.

I know my cdb's original engine type was a "ej20G" as it was on the sti I'd plate it came out of .

But my engine has ej20 stamped on it too , so I think that's possibly a generic code across the 2ltr range .

Being a uk car have you crossed referenced your numbers with log book engine number ?

Did you find clive attowes number in the end ?

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