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Newbie - close to buying a hawkeye


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Hi all


I am new to the forum. I wanted to introduce myself. My name's Gurdeep and I'm from West London, I'm 30 and love driving.. A bit about me, my love for cars started with my Vauxhall Nova SR ^_^ and then later upgrading to a Nova GTE... and then upgrading to a Clio 16v... and finally currently in a 3 series bmw.


I miss my hatch backs because I miss the enjoyment of driving to work and back... with my Vauxhall's and Clio, I used to look back at them after driving with a grin on my face because they were such fun cars to drive! That's what I miss, feeling the road and bumps :D.


I'm hoping to buy a Hawkeye before the year is finished. I've been a passenger in my friends blobeye sti which just brought back quite a few memories and reminded me of my previous motors. I really like the look of the hawkeye sti so my heart is set on that.


I have researched them as much as I can, and from what I can tell, the MY07 is the car to get (different gearing, better suited for motorway milage, a new map - although later corrected to resolve hesitation when accelerating). I am looking for a sti hawkeye that has PPP.


Can anyone offer my any advice and if its worth buying the MY07 over the MY06 (MY06 is cheaper and the tax is cheaper too!) - ie will i appreciate the improvements for everyday road use.


Finally... were MY07 cars actually available in the UK or were they all MY06 just registered at a later date? I am finding it difficult to figure out whether the cars for sale I've seen are MY06 or MY07 - they say the MY07 has a colour coded vent in the front bumper and the light trims are chrome (but from all the My06 cars ive seen, have chrome light trims BUT do not have colour coded vents in the bumper)




Many thanks B)

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 


To put it short you have looked far more into it than I ever have with regards to the 06/07 :D Not saying thats a bad thing I just don't know the true answer :)

I think the biggest problem you have is there is so many different types with the hawkeye in the UK with limited editions, Prodrive not including the imports also with a lot of car's people change parts on them with other parts. So the trim thing is very hard to say really IMO.


I do know it's only very early 06 that fell in the lower tax bracket. The ones that got on the market before the price hike :(

I know the 07 has a longer gear change in 3rd and 4th gear only not sure if that has any advantage or not. 


If I was looking I'd really look at what style/look I was after price with service history and weigh up would it be better with the lower tax. 


I'm currently looking at hawkeyes myself seen some nice ones looking at a GB270 thats on a 07 plate but seen a few 06 plates that fall in the lower tax. all the cars I've seen look really nice somethings I'd change for my own personal touch on one or two but very undecided myself at the minute :)

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