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Help installing Kenwood DPx305U

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I may have been a little naive about this, never had a car in which I could change the head unit!!


So basically i managed to get the old unit out, spent ages getting the screws off the cage coz one of them stripped!! Anyway, managed to get the cage onto the new unit but when it came to actually wiring it up, the connector for the wiring loom is completely different to the plug that went into the standard unit. Am I supposed to wire it up directly? Is it not just a case of plugging it in?


I'm struggling to find any sort of instructions online, the instructions that came with the unit detail how to set the thing up, but not actually install it!!


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also... the !Removed! shroud doesn't fit properly over the new unit... didn't have time to adjust it properly as it got dark very fast...

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you can get them at Halfords if your in a hurry  ;)


I'm in no hurry, I'm working a lot the next few days so I can wait a few days for delivery!!


I'll have another bash at trying to get the shroud to fit over the unit... hopefully i shouldn't have to do much... 

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