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Hi all, my X reg s turbo has developed an immobiliser fault. It fails to disarm so the car won't start, I've had an auto electrician down to look at it, however upon multiple attempts to access it via the keypad we came to the conclusion that the issued code had been changed by the previous owner. Now, I want to know whether the immobiliser can be removed entirely at home so the car only needs the key to unlock and start?

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What alarm is it ! Sigma ? sounds like it when mention keypad.

Basically any additional alarm wired in with circuits cutting fuel or starter for immobilization can easily be totally removed or just immobilizer circuits removed if want keep some of the alarm function if working suitably (sigma included).

This will not effect the key chip/transponder as that is a separate immobilizer linked to the key the ECU & OEM wiring.

We have a lot of threads on the Sigma including how reset the pin code assuming you have at least one remote that seems function enough to allow the recode process.

It is known for the relays fail for immobilization, also I think the backup Battery in the siren assembly can cause some odd faults when it fails (can be replaced but require surgery on siren)

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